Corporate Social Responsibility

Working to contribute to society and build a fairer, safer and more sustainable future

Enduring natural beauty

At RevealRox, we recognise that the future of our company depends on the positive impacts we make today.

Natural stone is one of the most enduring building materials. Bringing natural stone into people’s homes, offices, airports and hotels saves on the use of paint, paper, wood and other building materials. Stone buildings can last hundreds of years, and materials such as  marble, travertine or onyx retain a beauty that stands the test of time.

Sustainable for society

It is important that our quarry operations have a positive impact on our people, and the local communities and economies they are part of.

We work closely with local stakeholders wherever we operate, both to harness their expertise and to contribute to their communities. We work with local natural resources institutions that  provide a framework within which we operate. We have also made ongoing commitments to a number of international programmes and principles.

Quarrying is a complex undertaking and presents a lot of interesting challenges, but we are ready to tackle them all. Robust company-wide policies are in place to ensure sustainable mining practices are standard to every RevealRox project.