Operational Excellence is at the Core of Our Business

RevealRox has placed operational excellence at the core of everything we do in order to drive true value for our clients

Continuous Improvement & Innovation Underpin Operational Excellence

For us, operational excellence is about constantly questioning what we do and how we do it. In order to drive continuous improvement and maintain our competitive edge, our engineers are encouraged to find new ways to take cost and complexity out of our projects in order to keep driving value creation.

The Right Model for Exceptional Value

The RevealRox model of operational excellence, including our Enterprise Resource Planning systems and IT infrastructure, allows the company to operate an efficient, streamlined, and well-structured organisation designed to deliver greater production yields, increased sales opportunities, and higher profit margins.

Delivering Operational Excellence Consistently

By combining the best of all we do, we provide solutions that minimise risk, enhance integrity and unlock value. Reveal Rox uses new techniques, challenging conventional wisdom, and making better use of automation – while still delivering on client demands for quality and certainty. We achieve operational excellence by providing:

  • A committed and process driven approach to getting it right first time including meeting the requisite priorities of safety, environment, and reputation.
  • Integrated, specialist in-house services providing the ability to identify solutions and implement them
  • Flexible and responsive organisation with global resource and capability

Our Firm Commitment to You

At RevealRox, our commitment and dedication to operational excellence, sound business practices, and continuous improvement ensures that our partners consistently achieve lower operational risk, lower operating costs, and increased revenues, all of which generate value for both shareholders and customers.

Delivering Know-How & Leading Industry Standards

Our team consists of highly experienced people who work with our processes, standards, systems and know-how, to create a tailored and fit-for-purpose delivery framework for each client.