Respecting our environment

RevealRox’s long-term success depends on how we interact with the ecosystems we rely on.

Environmental responsibility at RevealRox

Our target is zero environmental incidents and a progressive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

That is why we plan and work with precision– because we are committed to limiting the environmental impacts of what we do.

Regardless of where in the world we operate, our business practices are always aligned with global industry standards.

Assessing risks at every stage

We rigorously assess risks and find ways to moderate them, often going above and beyond local regulatory requirements. These detailed risk assessments occur before we commence any phase of operations.

Careful consideration in the design phase makes a significant difference when it comes to minimising our impacts. Our value engineering process is constantly exploring new methods to optimise resources and reduce our footprint. This includes energy and water efficiency measures, re-using engine oils, limiting waste materials and employing environmental specialists on our sites.