Transporting natural stone across the globe

We work with our global distribution network to deliver stone seamlessly and on-time.

Global reach, reliable delivery

The journey from mountaintop to countertop can be a long one. So, we have established a smooth process that ensures the prompt delivery of natural stone.

We have built strong relationships with an extensive network of distribution partners. This network allows us to transport natural stone efficiently from our quarries to target markets around the world.

Moving mountains to processing centres

We guarantee the safe and secure transport of natural stone across the globe. Through meticulous planning, we aim to eliminate the risks of damage and waste of valuable stone in transit.

After a shipment is planned, we verify the weight one last time before containerising the block, up to a maximum weight of 28 MT. We hire vessels to travel fixed routes, so large volume clients can receive product on a regular schedule.

Throughout the journey, we will keep you informed about the expected arrival time to enable better planning of your projects.

Seamless across every stage

We apply the same principles to logistics as we do to every other stage of operations. We continuously review our logistics to find ways to optimise and improve. So you can be confident that your natural stone will arrive intact and on time.