Partnering with the Best Suppliers and Vendors

RevealRox seeks the best-in-class partners from around the world to supply materials and services for our projects

commitment to deliver value

Creating an Ecosystem to Achieve a Common Goal

Our partners include multinational, regional, national and local suppliers. They are critical to our commitment to deliver value and to operate in a manner that is responsible, transparent and in line with our ethics policy. 

RevealRox values the diversity of our partners and their contribution to a rich supply chain.

Qualifying Our Partners

Companies supplying goods and services to Reveal Rox are required to be registered and pre-qualified.

We undertake due diligence of current and potential suppliers to understand their business practices using a risk based approach. Our multi-disciplinary vendor management team and product or service category managers are dedicated to working alongside partners to provide a responsive and positive experience during the on-boarding process.


Getting Qualified with RevealRox

Our qualification process assesses suppliers’ capabilities to support the success of RevealRox’s projects.

 It ensures they meet the following required criteria:

  • Safety and compliance standards
  • Quality standards
  • Technical competencies
  • Financial standing
  • Organisational structure
  • Cumulative experience