Experts in quarry exploration and design

No matter the stone or the environment, our design engineers and geologists will maximise the potential of a site.

Optimising operations through smart design

Profitable quarrying begins with in-depth exploration and optimised design.

Our team of geologists and design engineers can offer expert advice at every stage of a project.

We design quarries across a range of premium natural stone, such as marble, travertine and onyx. And we operate around the world, with quarries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Detailed exploration for precise extraction

We always aim to maximise yields at sites, whether they are newly opened or existing operations. By creating short- and long-term production plans that factor in project-specific constraints, we help companies and investors to make informed, strategic decisions.

Our specialists use advanced scheduling and modelling software to create high-level scoping reviews and feasibility and pre-feasibility assessments. They investigate sites, run tests and give thorough assessments of reserves in order to develop a detailed extraction plan for efficient mining and accurate reserve reporting.

Beyond the quarry

Our fully integrated, end-to-end service model, allows us to look ahead and anticipate challenges to future phases of a quarry’s delivery cycle. This enables us to design for easier material processing, optimal block size to increase sales opportunities, and efficient transportation.

We also work closely with planning and operations teams to support the transition from the design stage to mining and extraction, ensuring plans are implemented with accuracy and speed.