Excellence in everything we do

We are industry leaders with a proven track record of success, professionalism and innovation.

A world-class team

The dedication of our people is the foundation of our competitive edge.

Their knowledge and ingenuity are behind everything we do, from the cutting-edge tools we use to the disciplined processes and business practices we implement.

Our industry-leading team is made up of global engineering, geological and technical specialists who understand how to maximise quarry potential, down to the last details.

An agile and flexible partner

RevealRox excels in organisation and efficiency. From our Enterprise Resource Planning systems to our IT infrastructure, our platform allows us to be precise yet flexible quarrying partner for our clients. We can scale up or down, always with a view to achieving the most right balance between production yields and operating costs.

Technical specialists you can trust

The team at RevealRox brings a combination of experience, expertise and industry knowledge to all our mining projects. In addition to providing manpower, functional support and supervision to quarry operations, our technical experts add value through fit-for-purpose frameworks that achieve cost savings and efficiencies.

We recognise that local knowledge can help a project run smoothly and profitably. That is why we:

  • Employ local people
  • Build local capabilities
  • Draw on local supply chains
  • Engage with local communities
  • Stimulate local economies

The right person for each job

Using our Competent Person Profiles, we always make sure the right people are in place to staff your asset. The comprehensive talent management framework also ensures they will have all the necessary support they need.