Join a team that moves mountains every day

Be part of a world-leading quarrying company Our world-class team is united by a passion for natural stone

Our global team

Diversity is a key part of our success. Operating across three continents, our people come from a range of cultural and professional backgrounds. With colleagues from India, Pakistan, China, Middle East, Philippines, Russia, Belgium, Holland and Spain, it’s exciting to be part of such a global team.

We welcome diversity and aim to find synergy resulting from these different backgrounds. Combining, for example, Western and Eastern business practices can lead to new ways of thinking and operating. Meanwhile, the management team is careful to ensure everyone feels part of one global team.

In keeping with the diverse makeup of our workforce, we respect all religions and religious festivities, as well as national holidays, which sometimes means we have to step up our game on other working days or hours. Together we are strong and make it happen.

Committed to excellence

We are passionate about unlocking the beauty of natural stone and take great pride in the work we do. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals, and we are always looking for talented people to join us. 

We understand that our business is defined by our people, which is why we hire the most skilled and committed team members. The result is a highly engaged workforce where talent is fostered, and success is rewarded. 

Being part of RevealRox means going above and beyond to make sure we always meet our high standards. If you share our passion for natural stone and want to work on a variety of exciting and challenging projects, a career at RevealRox could be highly rewarding.

Respecting each other and the world around us

Quarrying is a complex operation. It demands teamwork and clear communication, with all team members following best business practices meticulously. Our focus on quality and safety give our teams the confidence to work in even the toughest terrain, knowing they can rely implicitly on their colleagues. This team spirit ensures accidents are kept to a minimum and everyone feels safe in the workplace.

We also work hard to limit the environmental impact of our projects. We have a smart and sustainable approach to quarrying that minimises our footprint on the environment. For more information, visit our Environment page. 


“RevealRox DMCC is a great place to work. They offer extensive on-the-job training, value employee happiness and engagement, and offer a lot of benefits that I did not find elsewhere.”


“RevealRox DMCC is a fantastic employer to work for. The company culture is open minded, the office space is incredible, and the people are so welcoming from the first day.”


“I truly enjoyed going into work every day. My team made me feel like part of a family, helped me grow, and allowed me to explore my skills. I felt like the work I was doing was really valued and making a difference.”