Moving mountains to deliver natural stone to the world

Our global network offers access to the world’s most lucrative markets for marble, travertine and onyx.

Connecting clients to key global markets

We are a fully integrated supply company, so we not only operate quarries, we also help our quarries reach the broadest possible market for their stone, connecting them with leading architects, market influencers and premium processors around the world.

These long-term relationships and our strong standing within the industry set us apart from our competitors and open doors for our clients.

Our main headquarters in Dubai

Not only centrally located between stone producing and consuming countries, it also serves as a centre of excellence for our innovative IT systems, accounts and logistics teams, as well as a strong and dedicated sales staff. Please contact us for further information about the type of products we can supply, directly from the source, in either block, slab or cut-to-size form.

A specialist understanding of natural stone

As masters of natural stone, we are closely attuned to the desirable attributes of stone. We understand which types of stone will suit a range of uses across a broad range of products, and we know which colours and features are particularly prized. 

Designers, developers and architects recognise our ability to recommend and source exceptional quality stone for their projects. Through our partnerships, we put your stone into the hands of the world’s finest craftspeople and into the world’s most renowned construction projects. A case in point is our work for the Qatar Library where we worked closely with the world-renown architect Rem Koolhaas. Our magnificent stone  is a key feature of the spectacular building that will last for many years to come.

Sourcing quality stone

We also support other project companies to excel by sourcing quality stone, ensuring on-time delivery and offering a flexible approach to after sales service by our people on the ground. We have contributed beautiful natural stone to projects across countries, including Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and UK, and to a range of buildings from villas to complete towers.

On our product pages you will find the various beautiful colours of stone from our quarries. Contact us to request a sample or further details.