Guaranteeing a safe and healthy work environment

Operational excellence means zero serious incidents on all our projects, and we are proud of our track record

Firmly committed to health and safety

We prioritise safety at alltimes. It’s non-negotiable for us.

Our objective is always to have zero serious incidents on all our projects. We assess and monitor risks for every link in the chain, including employees, management team, contractors, partners and clients with the same precision we approach every part of our operations.

By putting robust procedures in place for every service we deliver, we make sure everyone working for or with Reveal Rox enjoys a safe and healthy workspace.

Our people and partners

Our people are our most valuable asset and we are dedicated to supporting the overall health of our employees and partners.

Our people also play a vital role in supporting and protecting each other. Procedures need to work in practice, so our team constantly reviews our policies to make sure they are always effective. 

Any partners connected to RevealRox have a duty to their own safety and wellbeing in the workplace but must also respect our procedures. Making sure everyone follows the same rulebook means our processes are watertight. 

Leading in global mining safety

As leaders in quarrying, our clients rely on us to make sure their sites offer a safe working environment. Managing safety risks is a fundamental part of our approach and one that works alongside our efficiency strategies.

Wherever we work in the world, we are enthusiastic compliers and advocates of all official laws, policies and regulations for occupational health and safety.