Comprehensive Planning & Operations Services

RevealRox offers fit-for-purpose solutions in line with our clients' operating philosophies and quarrying strategies

We Offer a Flexible Range of Quarrying and Mining Services

Our planning and operations services help to increase production, optimise efficiency, reduce OPEX and lower distribution costs, all of which result in improved economic viability and extended life in line with each client’s strategy for asset growth

Trusted for Successful Transition Management

Our structured transition framework ensures that planning and execution are delivered successfully with no impact to safety or ongoing operations, and often in short timeframes. Our process incorporates a robust approach to quality, risk and client management, and covers initial planning, interfaces, project controls and operations handover.

World-Class Planning & Operations Services

We ensure your operations are safe and reliable. RevealRox drives operational cost reductions and efficiency improvements that include:

  • Increased up-time (improved maintenance, spares and vendor support)
  • Improved technical competency
  • Improved performance (linked to operational KPIs)
  • Management and reduction of maintenance backlog
  • Improved alignment of drivers for safety, operations and maintenance
  • Implementing a robust maintenance regime
  • Increased long-term asset sustainability

Vast Experience in the Field of Planning & Operations

RevealRox have a proven track record in the field of planning and operations. Our team of technical experts are able to support our clients by either contributing to or being responsible for the asset management, from small to large scale projects, all over the world. As a result, we provide significant value to our clients by improving safety, increasing reliability and reducing costs & risk.

Fully Committed to Heath and Safety

At RevealRox we are firmly committed to health and safety, having policies and procedures in place designed to ensure that there are zero serious incidents during every single project in which we are involved. At RevealRox, we are extremely proud of our record and the company’s firm leadership on these issues ensures that we will always be committed to maintaining a safe workplace for everyone.

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